Some books used in teaching aspects of service science: Please add yours below

Some books used in teaching aspects of service science: Please add yours below

New in 2016 – see Fundamentals of Service Systems
Editors: Cardoso, J., Fromm, H., Nickel, S., Satzger, G., Studer, R., Weinhardt, C. (Eds.)

1. The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing: Dialog, Debate, And Directions
Robert F. Lusch (, Stephen L. Vargo

2. Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology
James Fitzsimmons (

3. Understanding Service Businesses Applying Principles of Unified Services Theory, Edition: 2
Scott Sampson (

4. Services Marketing
Valarie Zeithaml (, Mary Jo Bitner, Dwayne Gremler

5. Services Marketing (7th Edition)
Christopher H Lovelock, Jochen Wirtz (

6. Testing 1 – 2 – 3: Experimental Design with Applications in Marketing and Service Operations
Johannes Ledolter (, Arthur Swersey

7. Introduction to Service Engineering
Waldemar Karwowski (, Gavriel Salvendy

8. Service Systems Management and Engineering: Creating Strategic Differentiation and Operational Excellence
Ching M. Chang (

9. Service Is Front Stage: Positioning Services for Value Advantage
James Teboul (

10. Managing Quality Service In Hospitality: How Organizations Achieve Excellence In The Guest Experience
Robert C. Ford (, Michael C. Sturman, Cherrill P. Heaton

11. Web Services: Principles and Technology
Michael Papazoglou (

12. Engineering Long-Lasting Software: An Agile Approach Using SaaS and Cloud Computing
David Patterson (pattrsn@cs,, Armando Fox

13. Service Management For Dummies
Judith Hurwitz (, Robin Bloor, Marcia Kaufman, Fern Halper

14. Managing Services: Using Technology to Create Value
Mark M. Davis (, Janelle N. Heineke

15. Reaching The Goal: How Managers Improve a Services Business Using Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints
John Arthur Ricketts (

16. Service Science
Mark S. Daskin (

17. Service Science: Concepts, Technology, Management
Harry Katzan Jr (

18. Facilities Change Management
Edward Finch (

19. Urban Operations Research
Richard C. Larson (, Amedeo R. Odoni

20. Game Theory and Public Policy
Roger McCain (

21. Service Design and Delivery
Mairi Macintyre (, Glenn Parry, Jannis Angelis

22. Operations Management for Competitive Advantage
Richard Chase (, F. Robert Jacobs, Nicholas J. Aquilano

23. Information Systems: The Foundations of e-Business
Steven Alter (

24. The Work System Method: Connecting People, Processes, and IT for Business Results
Steven Alter (

25. Operations Management: Integrating Manufacturing and Services
Mark M.Davis ( and Janelle Heineke

26. Principles of Operations Management
Jay Heizer ( and Barry Render

27. Economics, Organization, and Management
Paul Milgrom (, and John Roberts

28.  Handbook of Service Science (Service Science: Research and Innovations in the Service Economy)
Paul P. Maglio (, Cheryl A. Kieliszewski, James C. Spohrer

The Science of Service Systems

Haluk Demirkan (, James C. Spohrer and Vikas Krishna

Service Systems Implementation

Haluk Demirkan (, James C. Spohrer and Vikas Krishna

Service Science, Management, and Engineering: Theory and Applications

Gang Xiong (, Zhong Liu, Xiwei Liu, Fenghua Zhu, Dong Shen

Service Science: Examining the Socio-Technical Dynamics of Public Sector Service Network Innovation

Noel Carroll (

Dynamic Capabilities & Strategic Management: Organizing for Innovation and Growth

David J. Teece (

Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy: Value and Worth

Irene Ng (

Service Thinking: The Seven Principles to Discover Innovative Opportunities

Hunter Hastings ( and Jeff Saperstein (

In the comments section below, please add your favorite books for teaching aspects of service science.  If you know the first authors email, please include it.  We are a preparing a survey to help identify recommended books for each of 169 locations in the service science systems-disciplines framework. Thank-you for your assistance.