Tip: Starting a new service science related course

Interested in starting a new service science related course?

I would recommend you check out the following which Wendy Murphy (cc-ed) maintains:

This represents a starting point for contacting others who have made the journey…

Depending on who you are, and the way you want to approach teaching service science…
engineering & systems
business management & marketing & operations
social sciences
design & arts
humanities and liberal arts

We can  probably link you with specific faculty who share your passion for the study of service systems, service science, service innovation, SSME, SSME+D, etc. from a particular disciplinary perspective…

There are also many textbooks becoming available – it is crucial to build on these to avoid re-inventing the wheel or struggling too long to develop curriculum…

Eventually their will be MOOC versions of each of these threads, and then the iteratively learning to rapidly converge them into an integrated whole can begin…. those who register for ISSIP.org and join the ISSIP SIG Education & Research can help realize that goal over the coming years…

It is a lot of work, but it is worthwhile seeing so many faculty around the world who are integrating business, technology, social and organizational sciences, design arts and humanities, into their approach to topics such as urban planning, risk management, public policy, entrepreneurship, etc.


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