ISSIP Content Planning Committee – Organizing the Best Service Innovation Related Content

ISSIP has a new chair of the Content Planning Committee.  A first Digital Content Improvement Project is underway:

The Goal of the project is to aggregate and “package” organic and in-organic content developed by ISSIP members and wider service innovation community to guarantee intuitive user experience and make ISSIP page a place to go for all Service Innovation topics.

If you are interested in volunteering to help “Saule Simonaityte” <>,  please send an email.

I sent Saule these lists:

Here is an excellent book on service innovation and experimental testing for marketing and service operations::
Ledolter, J., & Swersey, A. J. (2007). Testing 1-2-3: Experimental design with applications in marketing and service operations. Stanford University Press.
Johannes Ledolter (, Arthur Swersey

Here is an growing repository of service science related content – journals, conferences, people, etc.

Here are a few other lists that I have compiled over the years at the request of various people:

Also, for the list you identified on the IBM cite below, Steve Kwan and I compiled an annotated bibliography for 200 items, including many on the list:
Just click submit to see the full list….

Of course, this is all older stuff.   It was all compiled at the request of people who wanted to learn.   I would also recommend this compilation:

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