Service Science: Progress Indicators

Service Science: Progress Indicators

What are indicators of service science progress?

Guidelines for evaluating service science courses and programs
– Journals that publish service science-related articles (see below)
Books and textbooks on service science-related topics
– Conferences that are service-science related (see below)
Professional association with service science-related special interest groups
Nations with service innovation policies and organizations
Compilations of service system case studies
Compilations of service system open data sets
Compilations of grand challenge questions
– Universities with service science related courses and degrees (see below)
– Businesses with making service innovation investments (see below)
– Websites & Social Media (see below)
– Articles (see below)
– Videos (see below)

A good service science community project would be for someone to curate these service science progress indicators better/more regularly…  I am happy to share the method I used in creating this quick list below…  contact:, if you would like to discuss.




Books and Textbooks




Professional Association & SIGs


Nations & Organizations


Case Studies


Open Data Sets


Grand Challenge Questions


University Courses and Degrees




Websites & Social Media!/ibm_service


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Abe “What is service science?” –
Spohrer & Maglio “Service Science: Toward a Smarter Planet” –
Vargo & Akaka “Service-Dominant Logic as a Foundation for Service Science: Clarifications” –
Larson “Education: Our Most Important Service Sector” –
Sampson “A customer-supplier paradigm for service science” –


Hefley at ITIF –

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