Tips for Educating New Service Professionals

Educating the New Service Professional:
What are the Essentials of a Service Curriculum?

Cheryl Kieliszewski, Ph.D., IBM Almaden Research Center,  Analysis by Xiaoyun (Amanda) Liu


This document has a lot of good perspective for those who are new to service science management engineering and design (SSME+D) topics, but interested in having some tips for setting up a program to educate new service professionals.

Faculty can also draw on a growing list of books and textbooks for teaching service science related courses


Once you have a course or degree program design, you may want to evaluate its content using the following guidelines.


It is also strongly encouraged for course and degree creators to be a part of an existing or new professional association to continue to evolve that professional associations education content for next-generation service-aware professionals

Finally, there is a growing literature on creating T-shaped professionals in any discipline who understand service systems,  service innovation, and value-cocreation mechanisms.