IBM Research Service Science Professional Interest Group

For the upcoming Service Science PIC workshop at Almaden includes the full breadth of service science related themes:

Service Design & Industry Solutions
Service Delivery & IT as a Service (Cloud, Mobile, Social, Security)
Service Analytics & Big Data/Internet of Things (Web Services)
Smart Service Systems & Cognitive Computing
Service Science Foundations & Mathematical/Simulation Modeling of Service Systems/Sociotechnical Systems
Service Ecosystems, Platforms, Business Models, and Governance Systems
Human-Side of Service Systems Engineering and User/Customer Experience
Professional Associations for Service Researchers/Practitioners/Etc (ISSIP, INFORMS, IEEE, ACM, AIS, AMA, etc.)

Significant groups of faculty, students, and practitioners in professional associations do research on all the above topics.

INFORMS Service Science Journal reflects these diverse themes through the study of service systems.

NSF funding of Smart Service Systems reflects these themes as well.

The next NSF workshop will be at MIT and focus on smarter service systems and transdisciplinary research.

The last NSF workshop on service science focused on the research agenda for service innovation.

The umbrella professional association the links together other professional associations for service researchers is ISSIP = International Society of Service Innovation Professionals, and Jeff Welser (VP, IBM Research – Almaden) will be ISSIP President in 2015.  Charlie Bess (HP Fellow) is ISSIP President 2014.   Ammar Rayes (Cisco DE) was ISSIP Founding President in 2012-2013.

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