Short takes 21 August

European Association for REsearch on SERvices (EU)

IBM #4 2010 Most Innovative Company (WW)

Smartest Scientist (CNN)

Transportation (US) MIT

Transportation (US) MIT

Transportation (US) MIT

Transportation (US) CMU

Transportation (US) CMU

Transportation (US) NCSU

Transportation (US) UMichigan

Transportation (UK) Imperial

Transportation (Belgium) UHasselt

Transportation/Supply Chain (Singapore) SMU

Water/Waste/Air (WW) JAZD Research Report

JAZD Insights (WW)

Food/Manufacturing (US) Job Slip Away From US Cities

Energy (US) Vehicle Recharging Stations

Energy (WW) Filling Peak Demand

Info-Comm/ICT (US) Social Media

Info-Comm/ICT (US) Brain-Computer Interface

Info-Comm/ICT (US) Smart Gadgets

Info-Comm/ICT (US) Cellphone Microscope

Info-Comm/ICT (US) Stanford HPC Simulating Materials

Info-Comm/ICT (Canada) HPC

Info-Comm/ICT (WW) (also see

Info-Comm/ICT (WW) Future tools for students

Info-Comm/ICT (WW) Virtual Conferences

Info-Comm/ICT (Canada) Alberta SMART whiteboards

Buildings (US) Yale

Health (US) EHR

Health (US) Scan blood

Health (US) UMissouri

Education (US) Starting Salaries Engineers

Education (US) IBM Sourcing service

Education (Finland) Aalto Shared service and governance

Education (Brazil, France) Game to learn to fight pandemics

Education (US) Fixing US Education Panel

Education (WW)

Education (US) Rutgers

Education (US) Flexbook

Education (US) Complexity and Engineering Mindset

Education (WW) IEEE Weigh in on Future of Computer Science

Education (WW) Universities getting smarter

Education (US) Silicon Valley

Cities (US) IBM

Cities (WW)

Cities (US) UArkansas

Cities (France) Urban Dive

Cities (US) See-Click-Fix

Cities (US) NYC 311

States (US) IBM

States (Qatar) $100B development investment

Nations (WW)

Nations (Qatar) Population doubling

Nations (WW)

Nations (US) most federal agencies use social media

Planet (WW) IBM

Planet (WW) IBM  System of Systems $4Trillion Challenge

Planet (WW) IBM  Future Leaders

Planet (WW) MIT Global Change

Planet (UK) UCambridge

IBM Almaden has Tandberg Telepresence (US)

Cisco acquired Tandberg (US, Sweden)

My dream (WW) High QoS Connections to All the Universities in the World

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