Understanding Luxury Hotels as Holistic Service Systems

Understanding Luxury Hotels as Holistic Service Systems: Kim Grange, VP Facilities, Venetian Resort Hotel Casino has an interesting job, and thinks about the Venetian as a city within a city. Holistic service systems are a type of system of systems or service network, that includes transportation, water/air, food, energy, communications, buildings, retail, finance, health, education, governance-security, etc — all interconnected and interdependent. Listen to the following video clip several times — there are some deep insights into holistic service systems here… Venetian, Las Vegas, NV USA: “A City Within A City”

1. Transportation: 100,000 visitors on a daily basis

2. Water: 46 million gallons per month

3. Food: Multiple restaurants

4. Energy: 35Megawatts/hrs electricity and 7 backup generators (equivalent of 25,000 homes or 200,000 population city)

5. Communications: 3 data centers for IT operations

6. Buildings: 3 buildings and 7000 rooms

7. Retail: 500,000 sq ft of retail

8. Finance: Casino is the heart, source of revenue that must stay running

9. Health: not mentioned in video, but must have on-site medical staff

10. Education: 2 M sq ft of convention space

11. Security… you bet, from security cameras in casinos, etc.

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