Ponder this

I am trying to think hard about the 10 million minutes of experience that people go through to develop adult capabilities, as well as the 2 million minutes of experience from adult novice to adult expert – when people transition professions.

Mapping these developmental progressions into capabilities, and then capabilities into technologies is quite challenging – but fun.

Also, going the other direction from technological capabilities to specific applications, and from specific application to general capabilities of intelligence.

(1) Grand Challenges: General person at an age level -> development of general capabilities on tasks -> universal architecture – > open source technologies
(2) Practical Applications: Specific open source technologies -> specific capabilities for tasks/applications  -> role in universal architecture
(3) Data sets for benchmarking performance improvements over time
(4) Rapidly rebuilding open source technologies from scratch -> booting up the universal architecture with minimal data/code (including synthetic data from simulations)

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