T-Shaped Professionals

ISSIP promotes T-shaped Service Innovation Professionals.

T-shapes have Depth and Breadth.

Here are a few other pointers that may be of interest:

Standford talks about T-shapes too…

John Hennessey, President – http://www.stanforddaily.com/2010/10/06/hennessy-huang-dedicate-jen-hsun-huang-engineering-center/

Jim Plummer, Dean – http://xinkaishi.typepad.com/a_new_start/2011/03/stanford-magazine-t-shaped.html

Compliment to leaders – http://engineering.stanford.edu/news/mae-jemison-bs-77-cheme

Nancy Peterson, director of communications for the School of Engineering, echoed Plummer’s sentiments, saying the center will equip students with the tools to become not only excellent engineers, but also savvy entrepreneurs and community activists.

“We’re emphasizing both breadth in a discipline and broad skills,”she said. “As Dean Plummer says, we want to create T-shaped people, where the vertical bar is depth in a particular discipline, and the horizontal bar is breadth —things like communication, leadership, cultural awareness.”

Also, we are working on the T-SUMMIT for IBM Almaden on March 24-25, 2014…

Note also that many other universities, businesses, and even nations talk about T-shapes:

Universities – MSU

Industry – IBM of course, but also places like SAP

Nations – Singapore

Early references are the leaders of IDEO – T-shapes or design thinking

Institute for the Future (IFTF) and Apollo Group

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