Hult Students and Service Thinking Cases

Jeff Saperstein and Hunter Hastings have taught a “Service Thinking” course at Hult International Business School.

The course is based on their forthcoming book on Service Thinking.

This short video provides an overview of service thinking’s 7 principles.

The mentored student teams were challenged on using Service Thinking to understand IBM Social Business cases – both historical (“existing press releases”) and hypothetical (“look into their crystal balls – and imagine future press releases”)

Here are the historical cases:

Team 2

Team 1:

The best of the best tweeted their ISSIP intro videos (2 minutes) and hypothetical cases (5 minutes slides + audio), see links below.

The videos are part of the exercise of the students building their  social media personal brands.

The “Service Thinking” course helps the students become more T-shaped ,and add breadth to their depth. Of course, it can also help professionals who are deep in several areas become Comb-shaped.

Team1 – Suman Kukreti, Wynand Goosen, Soheil Bouzari, Nurkhat Ibadildin, Roman Osypenko.

@SumanK84 Suman Kukreti 

L Unitedhealthcare

M Completenutrition


Suman Kukreti A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


@SoheilBouzari1 Soheil Bouzari 

L Freeport-McMoRan Copper

M Accompa

S Ginzametrics

Soheil Bouzari A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


@rosypenko Roman Osypenko 

L Gazprom

M YuMe


Roman Osypenko A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


@WSGoosen Wynand Goosen

L Expedia (fyi… more than this I assume

M Ab Initio

S Airbnb

Wynand Goosen A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


@NurkhatI Nurkhat Ibadildin

L KazMunaiGas

M Evolve Media

S Snaps!

Nurkhat Ibadildin A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


Team2 – Olga Stryk, Ana Cristina Garcia, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Ana Dimerin, Mohamed Temraz, Carolina Sugai.

@OlgaStryk Olga Stryk:

L Apple

M Amadeus

S Social Flow

Olga Stryk  A+ for these Hypothetical Cases

@anacrisgi2  Ana Cristina Garcia:

L Starbucks

M Stefanini

S Quasar

Ana Cristina Garcia A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


@AnaRodOg Ana Maria Rodriguez:

L Syngenta

M NewBay Sodtware

S Crowdtwist

Ana Maria Rodriguez A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


@AnnaDimerin Anna Dimerin:

L Stratasys

M Liaison Technologies

S Scanadu

Anna Dimerin A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


@TemrazM Mohamed Temraz:

L JP Morgan Chase

M Planet Fitness

S Digital roots

Mohamed Temraz A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


@harumisugai Carolina Sugai:

L Johnson & Johnson (fyi…

M InVue Security Product

S Squigle

Carolina Harumi Sugai A+ for these Hypothetical Cases


The goal is to have fun while learning Service Thinking – and if lucky have some “AHA!” moments.

Some final thoughts for students to consider, as they become more social media savvy and build their personal brand and become more expert at service thinking, more T-shaped.

“To be the best, learn from the rest…” so I urge you all to review the intro videos and hypothetical cases of the others – what can you learn and apply?

“Service thinking is a discipline, based on the principles of service science, the more you exercise the discipline, the better you will be at service thinking…” so I urge you all to get in the habit of making short five minute videos at least once a month that you post to YouTube, as well as presentations that you post to – and then tweet about them. If you are interested in a company, do a service thinking case study on them, either historical or hypothetical.

Finally, offer your service thinking skills to other professionals you meet via ISSIP (the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals). Work with other in ISSIP to co-create value, build each others’ personal brands, and learn to apply service thinking better. If someday a hypothetical case becomes real, you may discover your service thinking reasoning was a good predictor of future events and value co-creation opportunities.

Finally, the best way to predict the future is to inspire the next generation of students to build it better – so pass it on!


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  5. Hint to students:
    If I know you, and have said I would recommend you when you apply for jobs at IBM for which you are qualified (search the website at…

    Send email to

    Email subject line: “Candidate: (YourName) (YourUniversity) for (JobCode)”

    All IBM jobs have a job code, for example include three letters dash and seven digits
    For example, GBS-0584500

    Email body only these three items – I do not need extra text, just these three items..

    – CoverLetter-JobCode.pdf
    – Resume-YourName-YourUniversity.pdf
    – List your social media personal brand contacts

    For example, here is my social media personal brand – and note: LinkedIn is most important to always include, others optional
    skype: james.clinton.spohrer

    Once I receive the above at, I will review it and respond to you when I have been able to help you (or not for some reason).

    Any questions?

    FAQ (Students ask…):
    (1) What if you do not know me?
    In that case, you need to get an IBMer that I know to first endorse you on LinkedIn.

    (2) What if I cannot get another IBMer to endorse me?
    Create an ISSIP new member intro video (see, and contact me for next steps. I will consider your request in context of your intro video, LinkedIn account, and top three IBM jobs you are applying for… if there is a match in my mind, I may still recommend you.

  6. Here is an example YouTube that is a powerpoint with audio track

    Here are the directions…
    (1) Make a powerpoint
    (2) Under Slide Show menu, select Record a Slide Show
    (3) Start talking and advance slides
    (4) Save powerpoint

    (5) Open powerpoint in Slide Show and make sure it plays OK, with audio track

    (6) Save powepoint as “save as” an .mp4 — this takes awhile – like 20 minutes
    (7) use AnyVideo converter to convert to .flv (the audio does default to ‘on’)
    (8) Upload the resulting file to YouTube

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