Center for Complexity in Business CFP

The Center for Complexity in Business invites you to submit an abstract for consideration for the 3rd annual Complexity in Business Conference. The conference will be held in Washington DC on October 14th, 2011.

Submissions are encouraged that apply complex systems methods to any area of management science. Areas of focus include agent-based modeling, network science (social network analysis), nonlinear optimization (machine learning), spatial modeling (geographic information systems) and other techniques to analyze and solve problems that arise when large numbers of entities (consumers, employees, traders, firms, etc.) interact in ways that are too complex to be understood by more traditional management research tools. Interesting submissions could be based in practically any area of modern management, including marketing, information systems, operations and logistics, finance, and organization science. Specific topics might include:

·      Computational Consumer Behavior Modeling

·      Geography and Computational Modeling

·      Diffusion of Innovation

·      Network-based Organizational Learning

·      Advanced Data Mining and Agent-based Modeling

·      Leverage Points and Scenario Analysis

·      Understanding the Economic and Cultural Implications of Internet-enabled Social Media


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