Curriculum Guide

Proposed Guidelines for Evaluating a Service Science Master’s Program


Version 2 updated June 30, 2010 – download

Table of contents. 1

Who should use this document?. 2

Why are we proposing this guide?. 2

What is a Service Science Masters program?. 2

Service context 3

Program outcomes. 3

Definitions. 4

1. A multi-disciplinary skilled person. 4

2. Service System.. 4

3. Program outcomes. 4

4. “T” shaped skills. 4

Illustration. 5

Details of the guide. 5

Depth for disciplines. 5

The guide matrix for disciplines: 5

Depth for service systems. 6

The guide matrix for service systems: 6

How to determine if a service science program meets these general expectations. 7

Example: 7

Test the guide. 7

Acknowledgements. 8

Thank you for the valuable feedback and suggestions to improve this document: 8

For testing Version 1 with their programs: 8

Here is another approach posted at the ASEE

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