CFP: JSIS Special Issue on Service Management & Engineering: Aligning Business & IT Services

The Journal of Strategic Information Systems

Submission deadline: 1st of March 2011
Target publication date of special issue: 3rd quarter of 2011


An increasing number of activities of public and private organizations are engineered and managed as services, often creating a new potential for economic growth and welfare through innovation and productivity gains. In addition to the increasing importance of the service perspective in the business domain, the service concept has also become very prominent in the IT domain. This is evident in developments like IT Service Management, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), Service Computing, and various “XYZ-as-a-Service” concepts. While this increasingly blurs the line between a business view and an IT view of services, these concepts generally have different meanings and refer to different domains. Thus, there is a need for understanding how these two service worlds meet and how they change the alignment of business needs and IT capabilities.

This special issue seeks contributions that demonstrate how the IS discipline and related management disciplines can make an impact to improve the way organizations face the challenges of the progressing service-oriented economy that increasingly merges business- and IT-related service concepts. Possible contributions may include, but are not limited to the following:

Service Management from an IS Perspective:
* Service management
* Service strategy management
* Service value management
* Service quality management
* Service innovation management
* Service governance
* Service portfolio management
* Service capability management
* Service performance management
* Service compliance and risk management
* Service supplier & customer management
* Services supply chain management
* Services sourcing

Service Engineering from an IS Perspective:
* Service lifecycle
* New service development
* Service analysis
* Service design
* Service bundling
* Service standards
* Service descriptions
* Service modeling

Special topics on Information Systems and Services:
* The position of IS in Service Science, Management and Engineering
* IS contributions to Service Science
* New business models for IS services, e.g. for service aggregation and brokerage
* IS/IT services from a service(-dominant) logic
* The role of IT services in IT-enabled value co-creation
* Implications of value co-creation for IT-based services
* Service business alignment / Aligning Business and IT Service Management
* Business impact of IT service management
* Management of IT-enabled service ecosystems
* Servitization of IT and other industries
* Embedding of IT services in business products and services
* Design and Implementation and effects of automation and self-service technologies for IT services
* Services E-commerce (i.e. electronic offering, trading, and purchasing of services)


The extended CFP is available at:

Erwin Fielt, Queensland University of Technology,

Axel Korthaus, Queensland University of Technology,

Tilo Böhmann, International Business School of Service Management,

Guy Gable, Queensland University of Technology,

Sue Conger, University of Dallas,

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