Service in Emerging Economies conference

Service in Emerging Economies (WW) Technology (including Information Communications Technology (ICT) and others) and new organizational forms can dramatically increase productivity in agriculture and manufacturing, but can it also enable higher skill, higher pay knowledge worker job opportunities.    For example, entrepreneurship enabled by mobile communications and smart phones, for education, healthcare, and mitigation of corruption in government and business?

As Amartya Sen described development as freedom, the growth of service in an economy help people eliminate unfreedoms – of being unhealthy, uneducated, unemployed,  etc.   “The objective of this conference is to provide a venue for international community including academics, government. NGOs, and industry to present, demonstrate and discuss the latest ideas about the Services Innovations which are driving the government and industry in delivering the services. This will also give an opportunity for the community to discuss and debate the state and the evolution of the Services in Emerging Markets”

ISB Hydrabad, India Sept 23-24

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