Short takes 7/19

Disruptive Service Innovation Survey (UK)

Grand Challenge Summit (UK)  Week of Sept 22 University of Cambridge

Annotated Service Science On-Line Bibliography (WW)

Innovation in Large Service Systems (WW)

Hospitality 2.0 (WW) Service Design

Trillion Dollar Transportation Challenge (US) Churchill Club talk

2010 State of the Future (WW)

Reframers Unleash Innovation (WW)

Book:  Normann, Richard  (2001)  Reframing Business: When the Map Changes the Landscape. Wiley, Chichester, New Sussex

Agents at Your Service (MIT Press)

Systems Community of Inquiry (WW)

New Science Education Framework (US)

Community of Academic Technology Staff (US)

CA State Employee Pay (US)

Management Science for the Knowledge Economy (US)

IBM Almaden has Tandberg Telepresence (US)

Cisco acquired Tandberg (US, Sweden)

My dream (WW) High QoS Connections to All the Universities in the World

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