Universities Helping and Starting High Schools:

High schools face many challenges.  First, the fluctuating high school drop out rate in the US (around 8-10% over all), especially in the largest urban areas (as high as 50% or more), is setting off alarm bells with many stakeholders.   Part of the solution is universities getting more involved in high schools.   Second, funding shortages mean some of the most innovative programs get cut.  Again, universities are coming to the rescue:   http://www.silive.com/eastshore/weekly/index.ssf?/base/news/1246541427170200.xml&coll=1

What is the likely evolution of high schools and universities?  Universities are more and more recognized for their importance in local and regional economics.  As cities seek mechanisms to cope with high high school drop out rates, universities become an increasingly logical partner to help address the problems of meaningful projects that help students reach higher levels of educational attainment.    Graduating seniors from the top universities in  the US see an important opportunity to give back.

Teach for America  –  12% of All Ivy League Seniors Attracted —   http://tinyurl.com/2eyxsv

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