The Future

Cheap AI/DL in the cloud leads to technology deflation driving costs out of service systems at all scales – so….  (a) AI will rapidly become a commodity decreasing the cost of nearly everything, (b) large companies will be transformed by automation and augmentation, (c) small companies will flourish and people will be involved in several simultaneously, and (d) individuals will learn to protect and monetize their personal data – so in the long-run, it will all be OK…  everyone who wants to learn will be able to do so rapidly in a highly personalized way XD.  This sweeping disruption of societal norms happened previously when the steam engine transformed physical work and re-ordered society (people moved from working on small farms to larger and larger factories, and people learned in schools set up like factories).  Today, the cognitive engine is transforming mental work and will also profoundly re-order society (people move from one large company to many simultaneous startups, and people will learn in schools set up like startup incubators where students work in teams to solve real-world challenges because the building blocks are so cheap and powerful).


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