My current service science projects

I am currently working with ISSIP colleagues globally (…

My projects include:

(1) working to design a framework for  smarter/wiser service systems – see:

– key is everyone has a cognitive mediator (digital cognitive system) – see:

– working to have IBM and open source AI community build above – see:

– trust will be key (cartoon) – see:

– MAK. Siddike (JAIST) and sensei, K. Iwano (Mitsubishi), K. Hidaka (TokyoTech), etc. are some key collaborators on this

(2) in discussion with Paul Maglio (UC Merced) on service science textbook:

– based on a “world simulator” idea  – the evolving ecology of service system entities – past, present, future(s) (need to write up better)

– types of innovation (increment, radical, super-radical) based on units analysis (need to write up)

– exploration of ideas of alternative past(s) based on rapidly rebuilding from scratch in wiser service systems (need to write up better).

(3) working with Haluk Demirkan (U Washington) on too many projects to mention all:

– ISSIP BEP book collection on service systems and innovation for business and society – see:

– Weekly Speaker Series – see:

– Closely related Speaker Series lead by Dianne Fodell – see:

– T-shaped work, this include Lou Freund (SJSU) and Phil Gardner (MSU) on several related projects – see:

– Future-ready T-shaped adaptive innovators also connects to several platform and startup and mentoring efforts – based on the concept of better building blocks for smarter/wiser service systems – see:

– AEIOU (Abstract Entity Interaction Outcome Universals) framework (need to write up better)

The goal is to advance service science and cognitive science to realize smarter/wiser service systems.


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