Course: Understanding Cognitive Systems

FYI –  I have started my holiday project already!

…I am working on a series of lectures for next generation cognitive curriculum, understanding cognitive systems…

Lecture One: Two Worlds Today: Learning vs Building Cognitive Systems

Lecture Two: One World Coming: Learning By Interacting
video Pieter Abbeel:

Next up – what is deep learning and how does it work?

Each two hour lecture will be organized:

First hour:
20 minute lecture with pre-readings assigned + challenge questions and 40 minutes small group discussion

Second hour:
20 minute demonstration + challenge questions and 40 minutes of small group/individual building digital cognitive systems

Feel free to share – I am eager to get feedback, since I am developing fourteen lectures total for an adjunct course I will teach at universities.


The above document discusses 10 of the 14 lectures:

The study of Cognitive Computing requires a BCS (person), DCS (machine), and Tasks (e.g., question-answering, etc.).  Every module should discuss <BCS, DCS, Task>to be complete.  Two lectures before these ten, and two lectures after these ten – create the 14 lecture/lab series.

Cognitive Computing = AI + IA

AI = Artificial Intelligence – Building DCS to augment BCS on Tasks
1. Learning – auto-complete and spelling correction task
2. Perception – speech and image recognition task
3. Reasoning – question-answering task
4. Interaction – conversation task
5. Knowledge – ingesting textbooks task

IA = Intelligence Augmentation – History of augmenting BCS on Tasks
6. Science – history of the brain and societal evolution [Deacon, Friedman]
(macro-augmentation theory and smarter service systems)
7. Design – history of socio-technical system design loop [Klein]
(micro-augmentation theory and smarter service systems)
8. Business – history of AI & IA in business and applications
9. Ethics – history of AI & IA in law and public policy, and public debate
10. Interdisciplinary – T-shape skills, and history of all disciplines contributing to AI & IA body of knowledge

Classes M-W-F lectures three times a week:
Week 1: M-W-F (1st quiz) – on about this course
Week 2: M-W-F
Week 3: M-W-F (2nd quiz) – on AI section
Week 4: M-W-F
Week 5: M-W-F (3rd quiz) – on IA section
Week 6: M-W-F (final test) – on review this course

Total of six weeks to earn credits.

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