Empowering (T-shaped Entrepreneurial) Makers in the Cognitive Era

Empowering (T-shaped Entrepreneurial) Makers in the Cognitive Era

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To create more T-shaped Entrepreneurial Makers in the Cognitive Era – you might all enjoy reading about Kartik Gada’s ATOM argument

The argument is not for the faint of heart – and it is about using quantitative easing (government printing money) direct to people instead of through central banks to accelerate the velocity of money in economies and pay for universal basic income, and printing money at a rate determined by technology deflation can even allow tax rates to go to zero!

Cognitive (Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence Augmentation) is the accelerant about to be thrown on the economic fire of deflation….

Quite an interesting logical chain from exponentially dropping technology costs, macroeconomics, and public policy reasoning – but check it out:

Switzerland, Canada, and Singapore are best positioned to try the experiment over the next five years….

Japan has already proven that quantitative easing (printing money) is the best way to fight deflation, and does not cause out of control inflation as economist once worried:

Ray Dalio agrees that deflation is much harder to deal with than inflation – around minute 20 of this video for the masses:

Technology deflation is under-studied, but MIT and others have made some attempts – not ruling it out, but not fully onboard…

Again, cognitive is the accelerant about to be thrown on the fire….

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