CFP: T-Summit Book (short 4-page papers)

Dear T-Summit enthusiast,

Thanks for your interest in and contributions to past T-Summits.

We are collecting extended abstract/short 4-page papers now for an ISSIP BEP T-Summit book (

First draft submissions should be sent to by May 1st.

Authors will be notified by August 1st or sooner, if their short paper will be included or needs revision.

T-Summit short paper topics include:

– What is a T-shaped professionals? What institutions hire T-shapes? What institutions create T-shapes?  

    – How and why do T-shapes make the best adaptive innovators? the best entrepreneurs? the best life-long learners?

    – Breadth and depth of knowledge, skills, and competencies, combined with 21st Century mindset, and knowledge of self and others in large co-creation networks

    – Transformational change of education to create graduates and lifelong learners with T-shaped skills

    – Project-based and experiential learning, with industry-academic-government-and-professional-association collaboration and badges

    – 21st Century (Cognitive Era) mindset, how success is determined more by what we can do with our knowledge, than simply how much we know

    – What is a T-shaped mindset? How does empathy, growth mindset, design thinking, systems thinking, service thinking combine in T-shapes?

    – How early should education begin cultivating T-shaped mindsets in students?  How best can it be done at different ages and skill levels?

    – What simple and sophisticated faculty best practices can help students learn teamwork?

    – What do industry practitioners need to do to help cultivate and mentor T-shaped students and peers?

    – What public policy can help promote the transformation needed in education, industry, government, and professional associations to promote T-shaped development?

    – What can students do to develop at T-shapes, and help their institutions and network better evolve towards and embrace the T-model?

   – Other T-shaped related topics and questions.

ISSIP BEP T-Summit Book Team
Haluk Demirkan, Yassi Moghaddam, Phil Gardner, Jim Spohrer

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