Join these two weekly calls

My weekly activities, include these two calls everyone with an interest is welcome to join.

(1) Service Systems Innovation: Wednesday 10:30am ET/7:30am PT
Smart, people-centered service systems:  ISSIP Linkedin discussion + (service science website and weekly calls) and

 (2) Cognitive Systems Innovation: Thursday 10:30am ET/7:30am PT
Cognitive systems: CSIG Linkedin discussion + (cognitive science website and weekly calls).

The goal is to augment our individual and collective capabilities and performance as Doug Engelbart envisioned, empowering makers in the cognitive era.

NSF has a $10M program to fund smart, people-centered service system translational research.  Deadline to submit letters of intent is Dec 2, 2015.

Summary URLs:

NSF $10M Program:

Presentation – Empowering Makers:

ISSIP Linkedin discussion:

Service science website and weekly calls:

CSIG Linkedin discussion:

Cognitive science website and weekly calls:

ISSIP (International Society of Service Innovation Professionals):

CSIG (Cognitive Systems Institute Group):

SSME+DAPP (Service Science Management Engineering + Design Arts Public Policy):

ISSIP registration (free, if you have two minutes, your LinkedIn URL and complex password handy, like “issip4ME!” lower, digit, upper, punctuation):

So join these two weekly calls Wednesday and Thursday are both at 10:30am ET/7:30am PT – and schedule time to present if you work is aligned with these two areas of research, practice, teaching, and innovation.

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