Some speculations – a timeline 2015, 2025, 2035, 2055

In 2015, CSIG (Cognitive Systems Institute Group) has the mission of cognitive assistants for all occupations in smart service systems.  Early days for sure.  An AI Magazine article in the works will explore this more.

I also like this blog post by my IBM Watson/Almaden colleague Rama Akkiraju:

By 2025, may be possible to instantly ingest textbooks to create Q-A systems.  There may well be cognitive assistants for all occupations (accountant to zoologist), as well as for homeless, prisoners, and the mentally and physically challenged.

By 2035, empowered makers will realize their cognitive mediators know them in many ways better than they know themselves. Everyone will be able to afford an outstanding executive assistant and personal coach.   We all may be symbiotic with our cognitive mediators to help manage complexity in DIKW-rich environments (data-information-knowledge-wisdom).

The term “cognitive mediators” includes the concepts of cognitive (a) tools/components, (b) assistants/clerks, (c) collaborators, (d) coaches.

By 2055, empowered makers will command a thousand “workers.” The importance of rapid rebuilding from scratch with the right building blocks, as well as the responsible use of knowledge may be a priority.

This presentation surveys some of this timeline:

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