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Service Innovation Triangle –


0. Tidd & Hull (UK)

Tidd, J., & Hull, F. M. (2003). Service Innovation: Organizational responses to technological opportunities & market imperatives (Vol. 9). Imperial College Press.

1. Ian Miles (UK)

Miles, I. (2005). Innovation in services. The Oxford handbook of innovation, 16, 433-458.

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2. Henry Chesbrough (USA)

Chesbrough, H. (2010). Open services innovation: rethinking your business to grow and compete in a new era. John Wiley & Sons.

Chesbrough, H., & Spohrer, J. (2006). A research manifesto for services science. Communications of the ACM, 49(7), 35-40.
3. Bo Edvardsson (Nordic)

Edvardsson, B., Gustafsson, A., Sandén, B., & Johnson, M. D. (2000). New service development and innovation in the new economy.
4. Mary Jo Bitner (USA)

Bitner, M. J., Ostrom, A. L., & Morgan, F. N. (2008). Service blueprinting: a practical technique for service innovation. California management review, 50(3), 66.

Cadwallader, S., Jarvis, C. B., Bitner, M. J., & Ostrom, A. L. (2010). Frontline employee motivation to participate in service innovation implementation. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 38(2), 219-239.
5. Len Berry (USA)

Berry, L. L., Shankar, V., Parish, J. T., Cadwallader, S., & Dotzel, T. (2006). Creating new markets through service innovation.
6. Jay Kandampully (USA)

Kandampully, J. (2002). Innovation as the core competency of a service organisation: the role of technology, knowledge and networks. European Journal of Innovation Management, 5(1), 18-26.

7. Van Riel (Netherlands)

Van Riel, A. C., Lemmink, J., & Ouwersloot, H. (2004). High‐Technology Service Innovation Success: A Decision‐Making Perspective. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 21(5), 348-359.

8. Rohit Verma (USA) – hospitality industry

Victorino, L., Verma, R., Plaschka, G., & Dev, C. (2005). Service innovation and customer choices in the hospitality industry. Managing Service Quality, 15(6), 555-576.
9. Den Hertog (Netherlands)

Den Hertog, P., Van der Aa, W., & de Jong, M. W. (2010). Capabilities for managing service innovation: towards a conceptual framework. Journal of Service Management, 21(4), 490-514.

10. Renu Argawal (Australia)

Agarwal, R., & Selen, W. (2009). Dynamic capability building in service value networks for achieving service innovation. Decision sciences, 40(3), 431-475.
11. Van Ark (Netherlands)

Van Ark, B., Broersma, L., & den Hertog, P. (2003). Services innovation, performance and policy: a review. Synthesis Report in the Framework of the Project on Structural Information Provision on Innovation in Services (SIID) for the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands. Groningen: University of Groningen and DIALOGIC.

12. Ordanini (Italy)

Ordanini, A., & Parasuraman, A. (2010). Service innovation viewed through a service-dominant logic lens: a conceptual framework and empirical analysis. Journal of Service Research, 1094670510385332.

13. Lievens (Netherlands, Belgium?) – financial services

Lievens, A., & Moenaert, R. K. (2000). Project team communication in financial service innovation. Journal of Management Studies, 37(5), 733-766.

14. Alam (?UK)

Alam, I. (2006). Service innovation strategy and process: a cross-national comparative analysis. International Marketing Review, 23(3), 234-254.

15. Chan (Hong Kong)

Chan, A., Go, F. M., & Pine, R. (1998). Service innovation in Hong Kong: attitudes and practice. Service Industries Journal, 18(2), 112-124.

16. Martin (Germany)

Martin, C. R., Horne, D. A., & Schultz, A. M. (1999). The business-to-business customer in the service innovation process. European Journal of Innovation Management, 2(2), 55-62.

17. Bettencourt (USA)

Bettencourt, L. (2010). Service innovation: How to go from customer needs to breakthrough services. London: McGraw-Hill.

18. Song (Korea?)

Song, L. Z., Song, M., & Di Benedetto, C. A. (2009). A Staged Service Innovation Model*. Decision Sciences, 40(3), 571-599.

19. Tor Andreassen (Norway)

Andreassen, T. W., & Streukens, S. (2009). Service innovation and electronic word-of-mouth: is it worth listening to?. Managing Service Quality, 19(3), 249-265.
20. Kim (Korea)
21. Paswan (?)

Paswan, A., D’Souza, D., & Zolfagharian, M. A. (2009). Toward a contextually anchored service innovation typology. Decision Sciences, 40(3), 513-540.
22. Spohrer & Maglio (IBM USA) – Z model of service evolution

Spohrer, J., & Maglio, P. P. (2008). The emergence of service science: Toward systematic service innovations to accelerate co‐creation of value. Production and operations management, 17(3), 238-246.

23. Bessant (?)

Bessant, J., & Davies, A. (2007). 3 Managing service innovation. Innovation in services, 61.
24. Arai (Japan)

Hara, T., Arai, T., & Shimomura, Y. (2009). A CAD system for service innovation: integrated representation of function, service activity, and product behaviour. Journal of Engineering Design, 20(4), 367-388.

25. Jones (IDEO USA)

Jones, M., & Samalionis, F. (2008). From small ideas to radical service innovation. Design Management Review, 19(1), 20-26.

26. Fynes (Ireland)

Fynes, B., & Lally, A. M. (2008). Innovation in services: From service concepts to service experiences. In Service science, management and engineering education for the 21st century (pp. 329-333). Springer US.

27. Kowalkowski (Nordics)

Kindström, D., Kowalkowski, C., & Sandberg, E. (2013). Enabling service innovation: a dynamic capabilities approach. Journal of Business Research, 66(8), 1063-1073.

Carlborg, P., Kindström, D., & Kowalkowski, C. (2014). The evolution of service innovation research: a critical review and synthesis. The Service Industries Journal, 34(5), 373-398.
28. Robert Paton (UK)

Paton, R. A., & McLaughlin, S. (2008). Services innovation:: Knowledge transfer and the supply chain. European Management Journal, 26(2), 77-83.

29. IBM
30. IBM and Cambridge UK
31. PWC

32. EU

33. Sundbo

34. Dorothy Riddle (USA –

34. Scott Sampson (USA)

35.  Service Design & Innovation (long)

36.  Service Innovation & Design (short)

37.  UN

38. Service Innovation Triangle –

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