IBM’s Cognitive Systems Institute Group (CSIG)

As background on IBM’s broader interests and to summarize IBM’s Cognitive Systems Institute Group (CSIG):

(1) over the next decade cognitive assistants will begin appearing for all occupations, job tasks, and in many languages

(2) globally, this creates the potential for tens of thousands of startups to build and deploy these assistants, and improve them over time

(3) to get the skills and build these systems – IBM will be encouraging student Hackathons on Bluemix

(4) IBM is collaborating with faculty to increase the quantity and quality of cognitive computing componentry on Bluemix

You can learn about Bluemix here:

How to get started with Bluemix

Notice the references to Watson, and Weka at the above URL (and in the attached png).

IBM GUP (Global University Programs) wants to make awards to faculty who will help us with the ambitious CSIG mission. A mission that will take a decade or more to realize.

To continue to summarize IBM’s Cognitive Systems Institute Group (CSIG):

(5) IBM is collaborating with faculty to submit IBM aligned grant proposals to government and foundation funding agencies

(6) IBM is encouraging government and foundations to increase funding in this area

(7) Boosting the creativity and productivity of people will increase GDP of nations and revenue-per-employee of companies

(8) When everyone can afford an executive assistant and personal coach, quality of life in smart service systems will be improved

(9) This is consistent with IBM’s vision is of a Smarter Planet, that is built-with-IBM.

(10) The cognitive era will transform industries and professions, as “cognition as a service” enables “IBM as a service” to our customers, partners, and employees.

It is easy to get involved in CSIG, and we ask people to start by joining the LinkedIn discussion – see below.

Additional pointers:
CSIG on Linked In –
Summary of other useful links:
On-line directory of occupations, task:
IBM Cognitive Awardees –
Summary presentation:
Weekly speaker series:
About IBM University Programs:

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