Human-Side of Service Engineering, Las Vegas, NV USA July 26-30, 2015

AHFE HSSE-2015 is less than a year away.

This is a multi-conference with over 2000 participants, with human-factors as an overall theme, and the human-side of service engineering as one of the conferences.

I hope to organize the following session as part of AHFE HSSE-2015, so let me know if you would like to contribute a presentation or a paper (send email to


Title: Smart Service Systems: Augmenting and scaling human expertise with cognitive assistants

Abstract:  Cognitive assistants are beginning to appear for more and more occupations – from doctors to chefs to biochemists – boosting creativity and productivity of workers.  Given this important trend  a better understanding of the role of cognitive assistants in the design of smart service systems will be needed.  The speakers in this session will explore this trend and topic from multiple perspectives, including academic, industry, government, foundation, professional association – as well as the transformation of professions and industries.


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