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For example, here are some initial readings:

Many employers wish they could hire students who “know it all” deeply, not possible today, so a well-chosen team of T-shapes is a first order approximation.

The T Summit 2014 will focus on improving university-industry partnerships to co-create more T-shapes (skills for the future, depth and breadth).

For example, 10x mentorships might lead to 2x internships and 100% increase in quality of hires – building everyone’s professional social networks as well.

The T Summit 2014 at IBM Research – Almaden, San Jose, CA March 24-25, 2014
Free registration (space is limited, so we plan to stream):
Some readings:

All participants  (at Almaden) will be given a copy of the book:
Smart Machines: IBM’s Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing
IBM wants to hire T-shaped adaptive innovators to co-create a Smarter Planet.

T Summit 2015 is in early stages of being planned – and will perhaps be in Washington DC at the National Academies. is a professional network for T-shaped individuals,  growing their “know who” as well as their “know what” “know how” and “know why” across disciplines, sectors, and regions.

International Society of Service Innovation Professional (ISSIP – pronounced I-ZIP)
Free membership:
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Join ISSIP today and join a global network of T-shaped professionals.
ISSIP’s T-shape model interconnecting disciplines, sectors, regions:





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