Students – Know Yourself First and Foremost

Prof. Peter Capelli (Wharton) writes lucidly about why focussing too narrowly in college can backfire

Students, if getting a good job and career start is your top reason for going to college, then you need to truly know yourself first and foremost ….

If you know what you are excellent at naturally, then get your depth first and add breadth along the way (early depth binding)…

If you do not know what your are excellent at naturally, then get your breadth first and add depth only as you approach graduation in areas where your capabilities and interests are aligned with the “hot jobs” (delayed depth binding) …

Today’s college graduates need to be adaptive innovators – T-shape Talent with both depth and breadth.

Also, the experience of working in a start-up during and after graduation helps everyone become more T-shaped – learning about business, technology, customers, marketing, operations, and organizational change and growth, communications, creativity, etc. – even if the startup fails (most will) – this can be great preparation for real-world opportunities where 2-3 years of real-world experience is required.  Meet the entrepreneurial faculty and students on your campus and help them.

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