Cities and Communities: Value Co-Creation and Co-Elevation

Service science is the study of value co-creation phenomena and the co-elevation of nested, networked service systems.

Cities and communities are of course service systems.

Here are some items, regarding improve-weakest-link and communities-mutual-learning, that may be of interest…

Check this out, curators of open data about communities…


Important role universities can play – if they have the data – Purdue TAP
Purdue Technical Assistance Program (TAP),-cut-costs.html

Since 1986 TAP programs and services have assisted more than 12,000 organizations, trained more than 26,000 employees, created or retained $872 million in sales, increased capital investments by $217 million, contributed to cost savings of $107 million, and created or retained more than 11,000 jobs in Indiana. In addition to the 10 projects for the cities, students in the senior design class did another 21 projects, including seven for health care providers, three for Purdue Memorial Union and residence halls, and 11 for companies and manufacturers.


And let’s not be snobs – there have to be programs for people who do not go to college…
Switzerland National Service Apprenticeship Programs
My recent blog posting…
The Power of Apprenticeship Systems


I hope T-shaped innovators can play a role in shifting the competitive framework of the planet…

We need a balance of improve strongest and improve weakest, much like the NFL Draft accomplishes.

Many companies see sustainable, resilient, competitive cities as important to the future.
People learning from people
Universities learning from universities
Cities learning from cities
Value co-creation and co-elevation
Businesses competing for collaborators, to scale up benefits of new knowledge on their platforms
Winners? Everyone as global innovation games improve cities’ competitive parity

Smarter Planet Challenge

Student Projects

National Academies’ Grand Challenge Summits


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