ISSIP = International Society of Service Innovation Professionals

ISSIP is pronounced I-ZIP

ISSIP’s mission is to promote service innovations for our interconnected world.

ISSIP’s objectives are professional development, education, research, practice, and policy.

Service is defined as the application of knowledge for mutual benefits (value co-creation)

Service innovations scale the benefits of new knowledge globally and rapidly.

Service science studies nested, networked service systems or the service ecology (e.g., individual, family, university, hospital, city, state, nation, etc.)

Service systems can use service platforms to scale innovations globally and rapidly (e.g., tech platforms = smart phones, org platforms = franchises, etc.)

Just as service science is a transdiscipline that borrows from all disciplines, and replaces none…

ISSIP is a 21 Century umbrella professional association that borrows from all professional associations, and replaces none…

It is easy to be “a great ISSIP new member,”  but you must be social media savvy to do so.

Here are some attempts at elevator pitches to learn more…

What is Service?

What is a Smarter Planet?

(ISSIP is pronounced I-ZIP, as in innovation zips around the world, faster and faster)


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