Elevator Pitch: What is a Smarter Planet?

What is an elevator pitch for a Smarter Planet?

Again, I have no snappy comeback… just some rough ideas that I am working on…

Given the many challenges we face, as we scale up to large populations, resilience, or the ability to rapidly rebuild seems important…


I had not seen Zolli’s Resilience, but just ordered it..



Resilience sometimes requires going back to the start, and beginning fresh…


You might enjoy this – 7 million views…

Chipotle – Back to the Start



Our good friend IWB notes that when you hang the clothes on the clotheline, and they disappear from economic accounts of growth



I am currently reading the newly revised book “Compact Cities”


The author Thomas Saaty, out of the blue, sent it to me… Bill Hefley a good colleague must be behind that.



(I am also going to read this – always seek balance)



I have been working on a model of a compact, 10 mi x 10 mi grid city, secret “A Game of Life” slides buried in the back of my presentations…


Slides 72-76, click go to end button and then back up… 

The game is about how rapidly one can rebuild a city of one million people from scratch…

Deals with issue of “Knowledge Burden”


Requires re-thinking the modularization of knowledge and how we education everyone…



How rapidly can we rebuild societal infrastructure, if we had to?

Each time it is rebuilt, can we rebuild it better so that it reduces cost for higher quality of life

And improve resilience, during each rebuild cycle?  This seems to be the model in nature…


Which provides a model for re-thinking progress,

and a new dynamic (rapidly re-build infrastructure) operating system for the planet…


So smarter planet should not just be bigger scale efficiencies,

smarter needs to be a process of continuously learning to re-build things “from back to the start” better..



The best way to predict the future is to inspire the next generation of students to build it better.



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