Envisioning the Future of Service

As simulation capabilities improve….

For example, this simulation of “Alaskan Way Viaduct – Earthquake Simulation

And as consensus grows on the grand challenges of social science


It may be time to rethink how simulations can play a role in service design at multiple scales:


Cocreating Customer Value Through Hyperreality in the Prepurchase Service Experience

  1. Bo Edvardsson1,
  2. Bo Enquist2 and
  3. Robert Johnston3

+ Author Affiliations

  1. 1University of Karlstad

  2. 2University of Karlstad

  3. 3Warwick Business School


This article develops a new model depicting how organizations can help customers test out and experience a service prior to purchase and consumption or use. When customers buy a new car, for instance, they are allowed to test-drive it to get the feel of it. When customers wish to purchase services, it can be more difficult to provide customers with a “test drive.” In some service situations, service organizations can and do provide “test drives,” but it is suggested that such experiences take place in a simulated setting. This article introduces the notion of hyperreality, the simulated reality of a service experience. It also introduces the concept of the “experience room,” the place where the simulated experience takes place. Based on the existing literature, the authors apply six dimensions of experience rooms to demonstrate how organizations can cocreate value, in conjunction with the customer, through hyperreality in a preservice experience.

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