Conference 2012: Human Side of Service Engineering

JULY 20-25 San Francisco

“If there is any one element to the engineering of service systems that is unique, it is the extent to which the suitability of the system for human use, human service, and excellent human experience has been and must always be considered.”

And here’s a WHO’s WHO in service science!!

L. Freund, USA
J. Spohrer, USA

S. Alter, USA
A. Andre, USA
M. Baba, USA
S. Barile, Italy
C. Bassano, Italy
J. Blomberg, USA
C. Chang, USA
C. Darrah, USA
B. Edvardsson, Sweden
S. Furterer, USA
W. Ganz, Germany
R. Glushko, USA
C. Hsu, USA
R. Kapur, USA
Y. J. Kim, Korea
V. Kuppelwieser, Germany
S. Kwan, USA
K. Lyons, Canada
P. Maglio, USA
C. Mele, Italy
J. Min, Korea
K.-S. Paloheimo, Finland
S. Parikh, India
L. Patricio, Portugal
P. Piciocchi, Italy
C. S. Pinhanez, Brazil
F. Polese, Italy
Y. Rankin, USA
Y. Sawatani, Japan
A. Seffah, France
M. Shute, Usa
S. Spraragen, USA
V. K. Tuunainen, Finland
Y. Yahya, Malaysia
T. Young, England
S.-T. Yuan, Taiwan
H. Zadeh, Australia


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