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Approaches to creating a program

  • Creating a Curricula- Dr. Rahul Choudaha’s Ph.D. dissertation recommends developing competency-based curriculum for a master program in SSME using an online Delphi method to determine important courses and content.

Design Your Course



Courses and lectures



  • Vassar Bros Hospital – In this lecture a panel of senior leaders from Vassar Brothers will discuss their strategy covering the technologies, their business investment model, and the deployment challenges related to social structures and change management. (2006)


  • New York Police Dept – Major metropolitan cities, including New York, have seen crime statistics dramatically improve in the past decade. The New York Police Department (NYPD) has played a key role by taking a systems approach that includes several innovations.


Teaching topics



  • 14 foundational service science skills defined for IBM; ready to customize for your environment
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    • Overview:
    • An adaptive innovator / service science practitioner / versatilist in any job role can play a key role in managing across a broad set of business and technical disciplines using pertinent client and offering information.

      They will ensure that new service implementations or adaptation of existing environments should not only consider the IT alternatives but also how factors such as cultural and human system dynamics influence the technology selection and implementation of a total solution offering. They have the ability to analyze and model large and/or complex service systems across all private or public sectors of the service economy.

      They demonstrate customer interaction skills equivalent to a business consultant seeking to improve productivity, quality, regulatory compliance, or innovation of a service system.

      Sustainability of effectiveness in this role will require an on-going discovery, analysis, and implementations of emerging services innovation frameworks and tools.

  • Service science BLOG discussion on a guideline for multidisciplinary service science programs

  • National Academy Grand Challenge Scholars Program

  • NSF workshop on Service Science


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