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IBM’s transformation


Service-oriented technology and management: Perspectives on research and practice for the coming decade

Three Factors to Sustainable Service System Excellence Spohrer, et al

Key Elements of Service Innovation Rohit Verma, et al, Cornell University.

Special issue: Communication of the ACM

Serving the Services Dietrich and Harrison

The Emergence of Service Science Spohrer, Maglio

An Integration Model for Organizing IT Service Management J.Black, et al

Trends in Services Sciences in Japan and Abroad Kasuyoshi Hidaka

What is Service Science? research report, Tadahiko Abe

Beyond IT: IBM’s Role in Creating the Workforce of the Future by Tom Kucharvy

‘Change’ needed in engineering education

Learning as a competitive edge in the war for talent

Succeeding Through Service Innovation; Cambridge White Paper


Financial Times, IT graduates struggle to find work

Podcast, Better IT workforce through an industry academic partnership (scroll down to July 2008)

American Science Plateau

Service Science: The next frontier in service innovation

Specialists vs generalists

How to Bring our Schools Out of the 20th Century

‘Next step’ in science studies: The Web – Technology & Media – International Herald Tribune

Services Science: a new field for today’s economy

A failing grade for the innovation academy; Chesbrough

Quality erosion in the service industry Oliva & Sterman

Computerworld – Service management may be degree of the future

Press release, new center in Amsterdam

Services science: growing a good idea

Advancing Tech Through Competition

Career Watch