AMCIS mini-track on service science

AMCIS 2011  /  August 4-7, 2011 / Detroit, MI, USA
Information Technology Services & Sourcing Track

Engineering and Management for IT-based Services Systems: a Systems  Approach Mini-Track.

This mini-track pursues to advance our scientific knowledge (and on the  current limitations and conflicts) on the Foundations of Engineering and   Management for Service Systems under a Systems Approach.

Service systems can be defined as  a value coproduction  configuration of people, technology, other internal and external service   systems, and shared information (such as language, processes, metrics,   prices, policies, and laws. (Spohrer, 2008). Accordingly, a service can  be defined in general- as the application of  resources (including  competences, skills, and knowledge) to make changes that have value for  another (system)” (idem, 2008). In particular, it has been  identified the relevance of IT for engineering and management IT  services systems (Demirkan, & Goul, 2006; Rai & Sambamurthy, 2006; Beachboard et al.  2007;  Zhao et al. 2007).  Additionally, because service systems are also systems, their essential and shared attributes for general systems (Ackoff, 1971;  Gelman & Garcia, 1989; Mora et al. 2009) should be considered. A Systems  Approach research approach (Ackoff et al., 1962; Checkland, 2000) can be defined as an answering and problem-solving system comprised of: (i)  systemic philosophical paradigms an ontological, epistemological and axiological stance on the world): (ii) systemic theoretical frameworks ideas-constructs, theories, and models); (iii) systemic methodologies: methods, techniques, and instruments), and (iv) situational areas identified as systems natural, artificial or social objects, artifacts and subjects under study). This mini-track  calls for papers that contribute to improve our scientific knowledge on  quasi-stable and emergent research the Engineering and Management of  IT-based Service Systems (ITSS) (references are available upon request).

Process international standards and models for ITSS.
Formal and semi-formal conceptualizations (ontologies in several formats) for ITSS
Classification frameworks of ITSS by diverse discriminators
Value models for ITSS
Systems technical engineering methods for ITSS (a single methodology or several specific methodologies; phases, activities, tasks, artifacts, procedures, roles, metrics)
Systems management engineering  methods for ITSS (a single methodology or several specific methodologies; phases, activities, tasks, artifacts, procedures, roles, metrics)
New IT required roles for ITSS
Innovative applications of ITSS

12/30/2010  AIS Review System will begin accepting submissions for AMCIS
2/17/2011 Submission deadline
3/24/2011 Authors notified of paper acceptance decision
4/21/2011 Camera-Ready Papers due


Manuel Mora, Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, México
Ovsei Gelman, CCADET-UNAM, México

Sunil Mithas, University of Maryland, USA
Mani Subramani, University of Minnesota, USA

Manuel Mora, EngD.
Full Professor and Researcher “C” Level
Autonomous University of Aguascalientes
Ave. Universidad 940
Aguascalientes, Ags.
México 20100 ———————————————-

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