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The 2011 Naples Forum on Service – Service Dominant logic, Network & Systems Theory and Service Science: integrating three perspectives for a new service agenda.
The University of Cassino and The University of Naples “Federico II”

The Naples Forum on Service 2011 is scheduled for June 14-17, 2011 in Capri, Italy

Evert GUMMESSON, Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden
Cristina MELE, Assistant Professor, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy
Francesco POLESE, Associate Professor, University of Cassino, Italy

Evert GUMMESSON, Stockholm University, Sweden.
Robert LUSCH, University of Arizona, USA and Stephen VARGO, University of Hawaii, USA.
Jim SPOHRER, IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, USA.

We invite papers dealing with themes within one or several of the 3 Forum Pillars: S-D logic, service science, and
network/systems theory. We especially encourage submissions with an integrative perspective. The papers could be
theoretical and/or empirical and be based on qualitative and/or quantitative research. In order to submit a proposal
directions are given within the web page. Topics could include (but are not restricted to)
the following:
– The role of networks, interaction and relationships
– Value co-creation and the changing role of suppliers and customers
– Value propositions
– Customer centricity vs. a multi-party stakeholder orientation (balanced centricity)
– Integration and management of resources and capabilities
– Business relations and social relations
– Social media
– Service innovation
– Service processes and engineering
– Many-to-many marketing and markets as networks
– The Viable Systems Approach (VSA)
– Business models to manage networks and service systems

Stochastic models of service systems
– Experiences of service science projects in research and/or education
– ICT for service
– Web 2.0 or Web 3.0, the semantic web
– Brand communities
– Methodological challenges and issues in service research

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