New INFORMS Section – lunch November 8 at the annual meeting

Are you interested in how operations research and management science can be applied to systems with public impact? For example, an animal shelter with arrivals and adoptions is a service system, government agencies design processes that deliver services to taxpayers (e.g., building permits or justice and protection), and after disasters Non-Governmental Organizations provide health, food, water, or other services to beneficiaries.

If you are interested in learning more about doing research in public impact areas or networking with those who do, then I have an event for you. The newly formed (and longly named) Section on Public Programs, Service, and Needs (or SPPSN) is hosting a new lunch event at INFORMS on Monday, Nov 8 from 12.30 to 1.30pm. Sign up in advance to get a lunch ticket, then join us for a special meeting. (And to think, this meeting won’t conflict with the other 20 business meetings in the evenings!) The event is partially sponsored by several institutions listed below, so the cost is low for you, just $10 for non-members or $5 for members. You can learn more about activities in the public areas, and chat with like-minded colleagues as you enjoy an easy lunch option. (And of course, your meal is likely reimbursable from your institution with the

To attend the lunch, check “SPPSN lunch” box on the INFORMS registration online (,
or on the attached conference registration form, which you should fax to INFORMS using the number at the bottom or by email to If you have already registered for INFORMS Austin but not the SPPSN lunch, you should fill out the attached conference registration form only. You are also welcome to attend the meeting but not eat lunch. (If you want to join the section so you will learn about future activities, then you can do that using the links below, and it is only $4.)

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