Short takes

Service Science Transdisciplinary Framework (WW) Journal of Service Science (Pp. 8-9)

Inventing the Future of Services (US) CMU Course

Mental Models of Time (WW) Thanks to Bob Lusch for pointer to

Transportation (US) Driverless Cars

Transportation (WW) RFID for Airports

Water/Environment (France) City Sensors

Water/Climate (EU) Knowledge Community

Water (US) Water and Health Science and Policy

Water (Middle East) Desalination and Solar

Energy (US) Stanford Solar Capture

Energy (US) Scaling up Solar

Energy/Climate Policy (US) Stanford Event

Comm/ICT (WW) Socialnomics

Comm/ICT (WW) Anywhere

Comm/ICT (India) Mobile for Semi-Literate

Comm/ICT (US) Magellan Cloud Computing

Comm/ICT (Ireland) Exascale Computing IBM Recruiting

Retail (WW) self-service check out

Financial/Business (WW) Why I am an IBMer

Financial/Business (WW) Tapscott Macrowikinomics

Health (WW) Virus Engineering

Education (WW) Universities and Cities

Education (WW) Singularity University and Exponentially Advancing Technologies

Education (WW) Thinking about Exponential Growth

Education (US) Linking Engineering and Liberal Arts Education

Education (US) CS Education statistics

Education (US) Georgia Tech $20M chemistry of life

Education (WW) Management of Technology MOT Course

Cities (US) Babcock Ranch City of the Future

Cities (WW) Earthmine Tools

Cities (US) MIT Sensable Cities Carlo Ratti

States (US) California Employee Salaries

Nations (India) R&D awards

Nations (US) Pessimistic

Nations (US) Future of DARPA

Planet (WW) Smart Planet

Planet (WW) PhotoCity

Planet (WW) Living Earth Visual

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