SSME Lecture Series to Start Sept 10

I am pleased to announce that in collaboration with IBM’s Almaden Research Center, San Jose State University, University of San Francisco and other leading service science experts, a new monthly lecture series for Service Science will be starting Sept 10th 2009 in the San Francisco Bay Area. This no-charge lecture series will bring together the leading academics, researchers and practicing service professionals to discuss topics related to Service Science, Management and Engineering (a.k.a. SSME ).

The lecture series will be held on the second Thursday of each month starting September 10th from 4 to 6 pm. Information and registration details can be found at or by emailing  The first lecture will feature a panel that will discuss the “Progress and Challenges of SSME.” The panel will feature Dr. Jim Spohrer of IBM, considered to be the “father of Service Science”, JB Wood, CEO of SSPA /TPSA, the largest service trade association in the world and Douglas Morse, Managing Principal and Founder of the Services Transformation and Innovation Group LLC., a consulting firm focused on service innovation in B to B environments.

The series will feature guest lecturers whose thought leadership and work are helping to change the world of service science and help us all compete in the new global service economy. The San Francisco Bay Area, including Silicon Valley has a rich resource base for service thought leadership. We hope that similar lecture series or seminars can be started in other parts of the world so that everyone can participate. As resources permit, we hope to have the lectures recorded for sharing on the web.

If you live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, we hope that you can join us for the lecture and networking opportunity. If you are traveling in the area we hope that you can take the time to visit. Seating is limited so we do simply ask that you reserve a seat by going to the website or sending an email.

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