Short takes 16 August

Food & Products (WW) IBM Smarter Food                      

Food & Products (US) Smart Clothes

Energy (US)

Energy (WW) Shale and Liquid Natural Gas Intro Course

Energy (WW) IBM Rational Focal Point                                  

Comm/ICT (US) Silicon Valley Network

Comm/ICT (US) Future of Mobile Cloud

Comm/ICT (US) Future of Augmented Reality

Comm/ICT (US) CACM Mechanism Design Meets Computer Science

Comm/ICT (US) CACM Intelligent Service Machine

Comm/ICT (EU)

Retail (US) Demand Management

Finance/Business (WW) Functions & Sectors Weekly Recap

Health (WW) Economist The New Health

Health (WW) Mitochondrial Toxicology

Health (US)  Berkeley Images from Brain

Health (US) NIH 5 Critical Pathways for Science

Education (WW) Managing multiple priorities

Education (WW) T-Shaped managers

Education (WW) Art and Skills for 21st Century

Education (WW) Working outside your comfort zone

Education (US) Entrepreneurship and New Ventures Kauffman FastTrac® Teams Up With Kaplan University to Offer Online FastTrac Courses

Education (US) Educause on Cloud Computing

Education (US) Great Colleges to Work For

Education (US) Facts and Figures

Education (US) Shared Service

State (MA) MA grew 2x faster than US

Nations (WW) Innovation and Economic Prosperity

Nations (WW) Rights for Autonomous Artificial Agents

Nations (WW) Leadership

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