Short takes 10 August

Service Wave Conference (Belgium)
Submit Service Wave Abstracts (WW)

T-shaped Professionals (Singapore)

Getting Hired Team Communication Skills (WW)

SD Logic and Service Science  (IMM)

Submit Service Science Abstracts (WW)

Technology Services World (WW)

Artifact-Centric Service Interoperation (EU)

Smarter Transportation (Australia)

Smarter Energy (Australia)

Smarter Buildings (WW)  The Living Building Challenge

Smarter Education, Universities, and Cities (US) Silicon Valley

Smarter Cities (WW) Ecocity Builders

Smarter Cities (China, India)

Future of Heart of Silicon Valley (US) Video

Safer Oil  Exploration and Mining (Brazil)

Nano Bio Clean Tech (WW)

Open Science Summit Concept (US)

Open Science Summit Event (US) July 29-31, 2010 Berkeley

ZDNet Announcements (WW)

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