Engineering Graduates Still See Highest Salary Offers.

The Sacramento Business Journal (7/16, Johnson) reports, “Local engineering students should feel hopeful from a national finding released Thursday that recent engineering graduates are earning the top pay among the college class of 2010.” The summer 2010 salary survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that “engineering degrees account for four of the five most highly paid majors among the college class of 2010,” with “petroleum engineers receiving the highest starting salary offer – $74,799. Chemical engineers were next at $65,628,” followed by computer science students, computer engineers, and electrical/electronics engineers. “While the salaries are high among the class of 2010, the average salaries actually lost ground for all but chemical engineering graduates, the association said.” A NACE official said, “Those high starting salary offers reflect the uneven supply and demand that exists for these graduates, even in the current economy.”

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