Where We are Losing: The 2010 State of the Future report

Where We are Losing:   The 2010 State of the Future report has just been released by the Millennium Project (http://www.millennium-project.org).   I urge you all to read it soon.

I especially think the service science community needs to engage in understanding where we (as an instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent planetary community) are losing: fewer people voting, more corruption, more green-house-gases, more homicides, higher temperature, more unemployment, and more terrorism.   Both the carrying capacity of the planet and quality of life will be determined by the service systems we evolve and design as well as interconnect and don’t interconnect over the next century.   A good summary of the report is the following interview at the Kurzweil website:   http://www.kurzweilai.net/the-state-of-the-future

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