Short takes 7 August

Handbook of Service Science (Springer)

Service Science Progress and Directions (Spohrer)

International Conference Exploring Service Science (Switzerland)

Public Service Delivery (EU) COCKPIT

Ecoblocks (WW) Harrison Fraker UCBerkeley

Grand Challenge Summit (US) USC

Energy and Climate Change Network (Greece)

Nano Progress (Lux Populi) Green Science and Tech Research

HPC (UK) Edinburg


Venturing and Investing (WW) Guild Investment

New York City Venture Fellows (US) .

Strategic Business Insights (WW) Http://

XBRL standard for financial reporting (US) VintageFiling

Learning in Informal and Formal Environments (SRI) LIFE

Service Factory Education  (US) Students Meet Your Robot Teacher

Personal Robot Industry in Our Life Time (WW) Silicon Valley’s Willow Garage

Robots that Make Things (MakerBots)

Service Factory Health  (US) Factory Efficiency Comes to Hospitals

Service System Learning (New Scientist) To Be The Best, Learn From The Rest

Smarter Systems (US) National Governors Association

Industry University Collaboration (US) Research and Education

Industry University Collaboration (US) Research and Education

Learning Design and Technology (US) Stanford

Learning Object Metadata (US) Tom Wason

Spectrum of Higher Education (US) NYT on Delta Project Report

Trends in College Spending (US) Delta Project  Report

WW GDP and Top Ranked Universities (WW)

Charter Cities (WW) Paul Romer’s TED Talk

Innovation City (US) Manor Texas

Innovation City (US) Babcock Ranch Florida

Innovation City (Denmark)

City Forward (WW)

Urban Age (WW)

Study of Work (US) Colorado

Changing the Conversation (US) Marketing Engineering


Smarter Istanbul (Turkey)

Global Mining and Carbon Report (IBM)

Business Process Bluepinting tool (IBM)

Available via Academic Initiatives website (IBM)

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