Short takes week of 7/30

Call for papers SRII (WW) Service Research and Innovation Institute
Journal of International of Commerce, Economics, and Policy (WW) JICEP

International Conference (Thailand) Management of Engineering and Technology PICMET’10

Technology and Information Management Program (US) UC Santa Cruz

OECD Innovation Report (WW) Sustainable and greener growth

US White House Innovation Report (US) Sustainability and job creation

Zero Energy Office Buildings (US)

Green Print (US) Joint Venture Silicon Valley

CyberCity and High Tech Jobs (US) NYC

Most profitable companies (WW)

Big Challenges and Opportunities (US) Tim Draper Venture Capitalist

Job Growth (US) Driven by New Firms

Worldometers (WW)

World Hunger (WW) UN Report

World Hunger Deaths Per Hour (WW)

World Poverty (WW) World Bank Report

World Governance (WW) World Bank Report

World Human Rights (WW) UN Report

Defining Discrimination (WW)

Defining Macroeconomics (WW)

Visualizing GDP per capita (WW)

Cities (WW)

History of Cities (WW)

Universities Economic Impact (WW)

History of Universities (WW)

Academic Ranking of World Universities (WW)

History of Schools and Universal Education (US)

Economic Analysis by Country (WW) The Economist

National Statistics (WW) Nationmaster

Teach for America (US) 12% of All Ivy League Seniors Attracted

Imagine Cup (WW)

Education Innovation Blog (US)

Citizen Science (US)  Gulf Oil Spill

Silicon Vally Innovation Institute (US) Innovate or Die

Free K-12 Textbooks (US) Content K-12

Is the end of printed books near? (WW)

Education Summit (US) Google 2007

Artifact-centric service interoperations (EU)

Research to accelerate the design, deployment, and management of e-service blends (EU)

IBM Almaden has Tandberg Telepresence (US)
Cisco acquired Tandberg (US, Sweden)
My dream (WW) High QoS Connections to All the Universities in the World

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