Short takes – week of July 23

Conference on Service Innovation (UK) London Business School Sept 22-23, 2010

IBM Almaden Institute on Health (US)

SPLASH Health Modeling Project (US)

Global Forces: An Introduction (WW) McKinsey Quarterly

National Information Exchange Model (US)

Kuali Rice (WW)

Bay Area Council (US) Focus economic development

Jobs and Policy Design (US)  Labors New Critic

Investment and Policy Design (US) Private Equity Funds

The Outsourced City (US)

Target Operating Models (US)  Holistic Modeling

Target Operating Models (US)  Holistic Modeling

Free Virtual School (US) Kahn Academy

Funding University Innovation (US)

T-Shaped People (US) Stanford Engineering

DEEP-QA (US) Watson

Skills-Jobs Mismatch (US)

Skills-Jobs Mismatch (EU)

Wired for Speed (Singapore, South Korea)

Trendanlyzer (Sweden) Ecological and quality of life interactions

Connecting Dehli and Mumbai (India)

Connecting Universites with Dual Faculty (China, US) Industrial Engineering

Gov 2.0 (US)

LINKS Service Quality Management Simulation (WW)

Inheriting a complex world (WW)

Corporate Responsibility (WW) IBM 2009

What’s Happening in Service Innovation (UK)

Syracuse Center of Excellence (US) Environment & Sustainability

Using IT to create a more sustainable world (US) ITIF

Service Week (UK) Cambridge University Sept 21-26

We have the Tandberg telepresence (now acquired by Cisco) — so interoperation is on the way…. Telepresence at IBM Almaden Research Center (US) 6 Person Tandberg (bought by Cisco)
Telepresence Comes in Sizes (WW) Some bigger and some smaller

My dream (WW) High QoS Connections

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