Academic Discipline Growth and Management of Technology (MOT): Prof. Yasser Hosni (US University of Central Florida) is the President of the International Association for Management Of Technology (IAMOT). He recently invited me to serve as a member of IAMOT’s Management of Technology Accreditation Board (MOTAB). Prof. Tarek Khalil (Egypt Nile University and US University of Miami) was one of the founders of this academic discipline and author of one of the first MOT textbooks that is revised and still in use today. Ben Amaba (US IBM) introduced me to Prof. Khalil and this area several years ago, and helped point out connections to both systems engineering as well as service science, management, engineering, and design. We all agree technological change is a great enabler of business model and social-organizational change as well. After all it was the technologies of agriculture that allowed cities to work as an organizational structure, and it was rail and telegraph technologies that enabled modern businesses that depend on economies of scale to become viable. In other words, technological innovation can enable service innovation, as service systems and service networks are transformed, and new win-win mechanisms arise (that entities can engage in) to co-create value.


  1. Yuriko, Yes, IAMOT and SSMED communities are closely linked, and becoming closer every day.

  2. Jim,

    That is good to expand SSME community to IAMOT. 2010’s IAMOT, Prof. Sakata, Tokyo Univ. made an interesting study to look into service paper since 1990, and found several groups of paper, such as “service management” and “service ecosystem” are growing the number of paper since 2004. I created summary at http://yurikos.blogspot.com/2010/07/blog-post.html, but this is in Japanese. 🙂

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