this week’s short takes

Shorts Takes:
Minni Sarkka (Aalto University Finland) recommends Service Engineering and Management
HICSS-44, Kauai, Hawaii (January 4-7, 2011) Service Science track
Portugal FEP Masters in Service Management Joao Pronenca:
Stefan Holmlid, Interaction & Service Design, Linköping University
Linköping University, Sweden will host the Service Design and Innovation Conference Dec 1-3, 2010
International Journal of Services, Economics and Management (IJSEM)
Soe-Tsyr Yuan (Daphne), Director of Service Science Research Center (SSRC)
Marianna Sigala, Service Management in Tourism, U Aegean, Greece
Marc Kohler, KSRI Service Innovation Lab, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Irving Wladawsky-Berger
on Innovation:
Economic Impact of University of Arkansas:
David Goldberg on Engineering Education:
El Paso Inland Desalination Plant:
Community College and Future of Manufacturing (3D Printing):
Planetwork Jim Fournier:
Epistemological Perspectives on Simulation, Matthias Meyer, Klaus G. Troitzsch:
ICAART 2011 Agents and Artificial Intelligence –
kristian kloeckl on senseable city laboratory | lead_real time city group

Sukanya Patwardhan provided a pointer to the Society for Human Resources Management:
Stuart Gannes provided a pointer to Open Science Summit
Stuart Gannes provided a pointer to GLOBE project
International Conference of Strategic Management Forum
Stephan Haeckel suggests
Stephen Perelgut recommends
Sonal Chokshi, PARC provides a pointer to Ethnography for Industry
IBM DEEP-QA (Watson)
Future Leaders IBM Student Survey
Joel Leonard, Maintenance Evangelist and Host ,
3D Printing of homes
IBM Center for Advanced Study (CAS) Portugal
Trilogy of Webs (Data, Identity, Services)

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